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A brief biographical-ish blurb about me


Hi!  I’m happykatie – a music-loving geek with a book problem.  You are visiting my Blog and obviously wanted to know a little bit more.  Awesome 🙂

Much of my waking hours are spent online in one capacity or another – I adore the Web, technology and Community building… but my first love is people, their Stories and brains.

I spent my formative years in Belgium, saw much of the world and have bounced around the Mid-West since then.  My home is currently in Houston, it’s an absolutely amazing city and I’m so happy to be here.

By day, I am a Web marketer and Social Media evangelist at Schipul – The Web Marketing Company, an amazing Web and Social Media company in Houston, TX.  You can find my company Personal Brand page here and read through my CV here.

By night, I do a gazillion other things.  You can find out more on my Projects page – too many random things to list here and I don’t want to bore you.

Maybe we’ve met before at a networking event.  Maybe you’ve heard me public speaking.  Or maybe we connected somehow on the interwebs.  Regardless, I’m really glad you’re here.  Read on for more info on me, the Community that I adore and other random tidbits.  Let’s connect!
Online Networks to Connect with happykatie

Other happykatie Blogging Addictions

Want to read some more?  Here are some other online spots that I contribute to:

  1. happykatie – my main Blogging home, mostly full of technology, music, graffiti and sociology.
  2. happykatie Tumblr – a literal braindump of a space where I obsess over products and design.
  3. happykiddo – my gorgeous uber-kiddo’s Blog.  She’s quite swell and punk rock for such a short toddler person.
  4. Houston Dr. Sketchy – my Houston chapter of an international life drawing burly-q explosion!
  5. Schipul Blog – our company Blog that really will rock your socks off

Still Other Places to Find happykatie

I manage to keep myself pretty darn busy (wouldn’t/couldn’t have it any other way).  Here are some other happykatie-related projects:

  1. The Overtime Show – I am the co-host of this weekly podcast that gives a (sometime irreverent and fresh) look at the business world and how small business owners can survive and thrive in it.  I’m the one that laughs a lot – you won’t have any problem identifying me, I guarantee you.
  2. BusinessMaker’s Radio Show – I have a regular ‘Advantage Point’ radio segment on marketing, PR and Web tips for small businesses and also do the occasional interview (email me if you’d like to be featured!
  3. Houston NetSquared – a local chapter of an international nonprofit technology organization I co-founded and help to run (along with Ed Schipul).

Contact Me!

My Other Accounts

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  1. December 12, 2009 2:57 am

    LOVE the new blog, Katie! I’m putting you in my blog roll and my feed reader right this instant!

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