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Ceramic mug masterpieces and… rubber baby spoons??

January 3, 2010

One of the best things about living with a clay nerd is the wide variety of ceramic pieces that have found their way into our house – bowls, plates, soup tureens and…  mugs.  Glorious lovely whimsical mugs.

This works well especially during the cold-ish winter months (Houston gets chilly, but never quite frigid as in other cities I’ve endured winter in) where we consume hot… well, everything… in mass quantities.

The cool thing about collecting beautiful cups is that you don’t have to be an artist (or live with one) to have a nice collection – head to your nearest art school ceramic department sale or local craft center market (or, if you’re a hermit head over to Etsy).  This basic vessel is guaranteed to be there and will set you back FAR less than buying a larger piece from even a more established artist.

You’ll walk away with a functional piece of art having supported a starving artist and looking pretty cool at your next after-dinner coffee time.

One side effect of having mugs and cups that we ADORE is the pain of hearing the ‘clink-clink-CLINK’ of swirling spoon on ceramic.  Adam’s ingenious solution:  soft tip baby spoons!

Pure genius, although we probably do look a bit silly to guests whipping out the multi-colored infant feeding devices when serving our delicious French pressed almond amaretto coffee.  Whatever….  🙂

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